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Fanatic Skate TE 2020 e Offerte 2019


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Fanatic Skate Te 2020

ed offerte 2019 (disponibili solo 85 e 92 litri)

La tavola  del 7 volte campione del mondo freestyle Gollito Estredo

Spedizioni Gratuite in Italia, Francia , Spagna, Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Lussemburgo

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SKATE 2020

Full power with limitless potential; Gollito Estredo’s style and board requirements have shaped the past, present and future of modern freestyle.

The Skate TE is the exact board of 9 × PWA Freestyle World Champ Gollito Estredo and 2018 Vice World Champ Adrien Bosson! It delivers explosive acceleration and top speed, leading to massive pop for dizzying spins & rotations. The compact shape ensures you can land the move in complete control, ready to turn or pop again.

The low nose is forgiving for sliding moves, while the powerful tail ensures you maintain speed while going switch or hunting down your next stunt ramp.

Shaped for zero compromise, the Skate TE will bring you to the next level, no matter what your desire is. Rotate, slide, rinse & repeat – the ocean is your skatepark.


85, 92, 99, 108


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