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Foil Sup/Windsurf Board RRD Hi-Flight 2020

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Vendita anche online attrezzature hydrofoil per sup, windsurf e wing


consente la pratica del foil sup e windsurf con una unica tavola

Spedizioni in Italia, Francia , Spagna, Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Lussemburgo

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The HI-FLIGHT sup and ws foilboard is designed to allow an easy approach to Sup foiling and progress with controlled and accessible performance. Sup foiling is not as easy as it looks on Instagram posts from those super talented foil riders. The proper board and foil is the key to success.

We first tried smaller and shorter boards expecting foiling to be easier and to have more control. However, the shorter or smaller boards are quite difficult to be paddled and have found great advantages in using a longer and thicker board shape instead. From the first prototypes of 120 lts, we have increased the volume up to 150 lts and the board size is 240 x 78 cms ( 7’9” x 30 3/4”) . This bigger shape gives extra stability when paddling and allows for a faster positioning on the line up. Catch the right wave at the right speed and you will have the necessary momentum to avoid out of control take offs.

A straight rocker line with a dead flat tail section helps to achieve immediate speed when paddling and reduces the problem of excessive slowing down on touchdowns; keeping the board out of the water, allowing to recuperate speed, and to keep you foiling.

The board has a marked beveled edge on the nose section of the rails all the way to the hydrofoil base plate attachment point. This special rail shape allows to keep momentum when foiling and further reduces the impact resistance on touch downs; this is also supported by a deep V nose and center section of the hull.

A deep concave deck shape allows the feet to quickly assume the correct angle and position on the board once foiling on a wave.
The flat area under your front foot will help increase the capacity to apply maximum pressure on the nose to keep foiling at higher speed once up and riding.

The crocodile skin 3 mm EVA deck has a striped color coded design (from nose to tail: orange/black/gray and white), and on the gray stripe area the crocodile skin texture of the EVA is replaced by a diamond grooved texture; this will allow you to touch and feel the difference of the texture of the surface, and recognize the correct position of your back foot; directly on top of the foil plate attachment without looking at it.

The windsurfing mast box slot will also be the touch and feel indicator to help achieve the same, correct, front foot placement.

The two US box slots in the bottom will allow the foil plate to move back and forth and achieve the correct foil placement. A forward plate placement will increase control and keep the nose of the board down, while a rear plate placement will increase lift and keep the nose of the board on a slightly more upright angle when foiling.

HI-FLIGHT 7’9” 240x78cm / 7’9” x 303/4” 150 4 x footstraps No fins delivered 24HIF

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