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**Best Price Freeride** RRD Fireride V1


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moderno e versatile freeride disponibile nelle versioni LTD / WOOD / E-TECH

ed utilizzabile windfoil ( solo LTD / WOOD )

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We introduce 2 new modern freeride shapes to maximize fun and versatility of use. The FIRERIDE has the most accessible range of use to adapt at its best to everyone. Compared to the Firemove V3, it is compeletely different in dimensions, far longer and narrower. It reminds of a more classical concept of freeride board, but with a modern look. Comfortable, planing and with superb versatility skills to suit all levels and type of uses.

Thanks to its length, it perfectly adapts to foilwindsurfing, especially when learning and even for a more advanced level. Available in two different sizes (135 lts and 155 lts), the Fireride is a new evolution in terms of versatility in all wind conditions and able to carry big size sails as well as very small sizes also for rental fleets.


  • Full V double concave hull with flat tail end so to maximize stability, early planing and easy jibing. Moreover the fuller size rails from nose to tail maximize lateral stability, reduce drag and increase floatation.
  • Available in 3 different technologies LTD, WOOD and E-Tech for different needs and cost requirements.
  • Adaptable to wind foil thanks to the FOIL BOX which is available only in Wood and LTD version.
  • The LTD model is a semi custom/carbon deck and glass bottom
  • The WOOD model has a semi custom/wood deck and bottom
  • E-TECH is made with I-shot/E Tech Epoxy technology
SIZE FINS Sail Range
115 LTS 242 x 67 CM MFC LIQUID PRO G-10 40 Tuttle head
125 LTS 245 x 71 CM MFC LIQUID PRO G-10 42 Tuttle head
135 LTS 248 x 73 CM MFC LIQUID PRO G-10 44 Tuttle head 6.0/8.0
155 LTS 248 x 76 CM MFC LIQUID PRO G-10 46 Tuttle head 6.5/9.0

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155, 135, 125, 115


Wood, LTD, E-Tech