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Windsup RRD 11’0 V1

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Windsup RRD 11’0 V1

dotato di deriva a scomparsa totale regolabile offre la massima  praticabilità di questi magnifici sport, nelle più diverse condizioni di vento e mare.

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Windsurfing and Supping in one

A dedicated shape for those SUPpers interested in riding the same board with a sail on or those windsurfers willing to use a paddle when the wind is not blowing. It’s the right blend of length, width, rockerline and daggerboard system that will enhance the fun factor on a board that can be ridden by a whole family at the beach. Remember those days on a windsurfer where all friends were happy to try and uphaul a sail and go? Now the same feeling can be shared also when trying to sup, and this can be extended to kids and friends of all ages.

Sailing and catching small surf, cruising along a lake with a paddle in your hand and enjoying the view.. it’s all possible with this magic board.

Volume 220 Lts
Size (inch) 11’0”x30”x4 7/8”
Size (cms) 335x76x12 cm


Windsup RRD 11