Calzari Ion Ballistic Toes 2.0


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Ion Ballistic Toes 2.0

Colori: Black,  Dark Blue,  Dark Olive.

Numeri  dal 36 al 47/48.

Spedizione in tutta Italia.

Contattaci per disponibilità taglie e preventivi.



The BALLISTIC range is our premium line and the crème de la crème of water footwear. If you‘re looking for exceptional warmth and maximum protection then this is the line for you. With support and stretch in all the right places, it‘s further enhanced with well thought out and cleverly designed features. All of the BALLISTIC line have the following standard features to provide supercharged feedback even through layers of Neoprene, plus a little bit more

The ION Ballistic_Sole is equipped with an extra layer of true ARAMID protection fibres. These fibres are also used in bullet-proof vests for example. Compared to conventional neoprene boots the ION Balllistic_Sole provides superior protection against many sharp mussels, reef, sea urchins, etc.
Although like an airbag in a car accident there cannot be a 100% guarantee not to get injured. But the ION Ballistic_Sole surely provides the best combination of protection and flexibility for your foot!

Boots / Shoes*

Euro USA UK Approx. Footlength
36 5 4 22,5cm
37 6 5 23,5cm
38-39 7 6 24,5cm
40-41 8 7 25,5cm
42 9 8 26,0cm
43-44 10 9 27,0cm
45-46 11 10 28,0cm
47-48 12 11 29,0cm