Foilboard Naish Hover 2020


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Naish Hover 2020

Tavola Windsurf per esclusivo uso Foil

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Dedicated Windsurf Foiling

Who is it for?
The Hover 125 & 145’s are for windsurfers who want a dedicated foilboard that can get them on the water when others cannot.

What’s it do?
These boards allow windsurfer to foil in extremely light winds.

Why is it unique?
The Hover WS boards are unique for their outline, rocker and bottom shaping, making them super efficient.

What’s new? 
More compact outline in 2020 with additional volume in the tail.

Continuing to lead the charge in windfoiling, Naish has continued to further develop the Hover Windsurf board range. Based off the success of the Hover 122 & 142 the Naish designers took feedback from users all over the world to continue to improve them.

The 2020 shape is more compact yet maintains the overall balance of the boards identical which is important for foilboards that are used in what would traditionally be considered non-planing conditions. The tail has been widened with additional volume added making it easier to step into the footstraps, even before getting onto the foil.

For riders who want to ride more powered up with bigger sails, outboard footstrap inserts have been added for a more comfortable stance. With the new footstrap insert setup, sailors can now tune the Hover for a more locked in “slalom” like stance which requires more sail power while the inside footstrap positions will suit riders who want to effortlessly foil with smaller sails.

The Hover 125 and 145 are dedicated foil windsurf boards that will take riders from their first flight and beyond on the non-competitive stage.


  • Compact Shape = Minimized swing weight
  • Tail Channel = Optimized flying position
  • Increased Tail Volume = Easier take off
  • Dihedral Nose In Deck = Buffers against side wind
  • Flat Rocker = Planes easily in light wind
  • (2) 10” US Boxes with Positioning Guide = Quick & easy foil tuning
  • Additional Foot Strap Insert Positions = Tuning for different rider abilities & styles
  • Non Paint Finish = Increased scratch resistance & lower weight
Volume Length Width Rec. Sail Size Finbox
125 L 228 cm 73.6 cm 3.7-7.0 (2) US Box
145 L 235 cm 77.5 cm 4.2-7.8 (2) US Box


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