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Foil Board Sup/Sup Wave Starboard Hyper Nut Foil 2 in 1


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Foil HyperNut 2 in 1

Sup Wave, Sup Foil, Wing Foil

Disponibile nelle versioni Starlite e Blue Carbon 2020 7’4” x 30” e 8’0” x 31.5”

ed in offerta Blue Carbon 2018 7’4” x 30” e 8’0” x 31.5” (con la sola scassa Deep Tuttle)

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2 Foil Option in 1

• Features both sliding Mast Plate foil mount and the Deep Tuttle mount to accomodate universal foils.

• The plate mount uses our lightest weight Starboard 10” US Box, with exibility to adjust the foil forwards and back to suit riding preference.

• A foil box cover is supplied so you can surf the Hyper Nut normally without the foil without drag.

7’4″ x 30″

Length: 7’4” / 224 cm  Width: 30” / 76 cm

Combines short length for precise trim control of the foil with stability from the wide tail and width. Suited for lighter and more advanced riders.

Available constructions: • Blue Carbon Foil  • Starlite Foil

8’0″ X 31.5″

Length: 8’0” / 244 cm  Width: 31.5” / 80 cm

Wider outline and longer length provides more stability for heavier riders and those learning the essentials of foil riding. The increased length makes it easier to get into waves.

Available construction:  • Blue Carbon Foil  • Starlite Foil


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Starlite, Blue Carbon, Blue Carbon 2018