Fanatic Viper 2020


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Fanatic Viper 2020

La Viper è riconosciuta come una delle tavole da windsurf per principianti di maggior successo.

Spedizioni Gratuite in Italia, Francia , Spagna, Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Lussemburgo

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Viper 2020

The Viper is widely recognised as one of the most successful beginner windsurfing board of all time – the board of choice for over 200 windsurfing schools worldwide.

Every detail has been refined to make learning to windsurf as fast and easy as possible, and to perfectly enhance your progression throughout the stages of the sport.

The overall width provides excellent stability for uphauling, while the length and parallel rails keep it tracking well in a straight line when at lower speeds.

As you work your way to stronger wind, various footstrap options will help you harness more speed, while the retractable daggerboard and classic pintail will provide you with pure planing pleasure and carving gybes.

Sizes: 75 /80 /85 /91

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