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Boma Pro Limit Assault V-Grip


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Boma Prolimit Assault V-Grip

rigido come un carbonio ma al prezzo dell’alluminio.

160-220, 180-240, 200-260

Spedizioni in tutta Italia .
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The Prolimit Assault boom is our V-grip boom. This extruded profile aluminium tube sets the standard for stiffness and comfort in smaller diameter booms. The tapered and ovalised inside section of the boom is more ergonomic than a circular section, reducing fatigue and arm pump. Featuring a 29mm Diameter with 1.5mm wall thickness made from T8 Easton Alloy. The Assault has 60cm adjustment for maximum sail range coverage. The Prolimit Assault boom means more power and less effort.

Specific boom profile curve
Monocoque construction
Axial boomfront with integrated skinny adapter
50cm adjustment
Double Lever Pin adjustment
T8 Easton Alloy
1.5mm wall thickness
29mm diameter

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200/260, 180/240, 160/220