AirWindsurf STX 280 Freeride Gonfiabile


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STX Air Windsurf Freeride 280

tavola robusta e leggera, ottima per tutta la famiglia, facile da trasportare.

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The STX WS 280 FREERIDE board. A new concept build in Fusion
technology construction for a stiff and light board. The perfect family
board, packable, easy transport and with the extra (daggerboard)
mid fin stable and great upwind characteristics. With a width of 85
cm we created a super stable platform and the 280 volume makes
it easy to uphaul your rig. The Twin fin backfins create great upwind
characteristics and track the board as on rails. The hardrails in the
rear half of the board creating less drag and easy waterrelease.

• FUSION Welding Technology • Stable • Low drag
• Wide outline • Easy packing and transport
• Extreme stiffness and lightness • Torsion-optimized
• Center fin for lateral resistance • Twin back fins (US Box)

Made from double layer drop stitch material which enables this board to be very stiff.

The board comes with 2 slide in rear fins and a single centre fin. Also a carry handle, elastic covered storage area, front and rear D rings for mooring up, and for attaching a leash and the standing area is covered in a 3/4 length honey grip deckpad which gives great grip whilst going up and down the board.

The board only needs to be pumped up to 15psi and comes with a double action high pressure pump which makes inflation a quick and easy process.

  • 280 STX Infatable windsurfing Board
  • STX High pressure pump double action pump
  • Bag for the board
  • Detachable centre fin
  • Repair pack – Repair glue, patch and valve