Goya Freewave 104 Pro Edition 2013


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Goya Freewave 104 Pro Edition 2013

Ottima tavola per utilizzo focalizzato al wave ma con buone capacita di planata

normale stato di utilizzo con piccole riparazioni

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The One is Goya’s do-it-all board range for any situation, environment or style. With sizes ranging from 72 up to 144 litres it covers the whole spectrum from waves through to freeride use. Available in either Eco or Pro construction.


• MFC footstraps and 10mm Dual Density footpads

• MFC 211 27cm G10 Powerbox fin

• Wide point forward of centre, narrow pintail and pointed nose

• Kicked nose with a rolled vee into double concave underneath

• Domed deck

• Soft waveboard-style rails

• Multiple inboard or outboard strap options

• Pro Construction

• Smallest volume board on test

Nice and grippy pads underfoot deliver a very comfortable ride on a hull that’s quick to lift up onto the plane. The sailing position from the inboard straps is positive and it drives well off the  fin for a free and manoeuvrable sensation. If you’re purely blasting from the outboard

strap option you might find a slightly larger fin better, but for most other use, the standard fin is great. The One is surprisingly quick in a straight line, it clearly has more of wave background but is no slouch when you crank on the throttle. It carves superbly well and is highly versatile through turns, be they tight and snappy or hard and fast, it does everything with ease. In the air it’s controllable and is also a capable freestyler, but it’s in waves and bump & jump environment that it really stands out.

The Goya One  has a definite wave focus, but is also great fun on flat water. It comes with a sensible-sized fin for all-round action, but to really get the most out of its shape in the surf then a slightly smaller fin would be useful, as well as for freestyle. The perfect board for any wavesailor looking for some extra versatility from the largest board in their quiver.