Foil Board Jimmy Lewis SuperFly

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Jimmy Lewis SuperFly

ultimate prone foilboard designed by Marlon Lewis

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The SuperFly is the ultimate prone foilboard. Designed by Marlon Lewis, with lots of volume in a compact form, the SuperFly provides excellent paddling and take-offs when on the surface, with excellent sensitivity and low swing weight when up on the foil. The beveled chine rails make lifting off and touching down smooth and effortless. Both Tuttle box and plate attachments are provided for maximum flexibility.


  • 4’8″ X 17 1/2″ 31.6 liters
  • 5′ X 19″ 38.3 liters
  • 5’4″ X 20″ 44.9 liters
  • 5’8″ X 21 1/4″ 52.7 liters