Foilboard Fanatic Sky Surf Foil 2020


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Fanati Sky Surf 2020

Foil Surf

Spedizioni Gratuite in Italia, Francia , Spagna, Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Lussemburgo

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As the foiling revolution continues to bring surfing to the next level, our dedicated foil surfboard – the Sky Surf – has also evolved to give you a massive boost in performance, even when riding the smallest waves or ocean swells.

With its compact dimensions, generous volume and channelled bottom shape, it is direct to paddle and tracks easily, making catching waves easier than ever.

A more curved ‘surfier’ outline with increased rocker and a pronounced kick-tail reduce drag further during take-offs, or when carving hard on steeper waves. The bevelled rails and pulled-in nose with deep double concaves makes touch-downs more neutral and forgiving.

Sky Surf Foil 2020: 4’8″ , 5’2″, 5’11”


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5'2", 5'11", 4'8"