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Sup Wave Compact Fanatic Stubby 2020 e precedenti


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Fanatic Stubby 2020

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2018 7’10” 8’3″

2019 7’10” 8’3″

Un nuovo approccio al design delle tavole wave , ispirate al moderno concetto  di surfing con outline compatto e rail paralleli per risposte radicali unite a stabilità e facilità di uso per nuove esplosive sensazioni.

Spedizioni Gratuite in Italia, Francia , Spagna, Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Lussemburgo

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The Stubby is the go-to board for experienced to intermediate SUPers, who require an agile compact shape that has great stability and wave catching potential; combined with heaps of speed, flow, and radical snappy turns.

Its compact dimensions and efficient parallel outline allow the Stubby to accelerate and flow through every turn, with maximum hold from the thin rails giving instant reactive carving. The pulled in winger swallow tail and low swing weight, allow snappy carves in the pocket or break the tail free with a slashier style.

The Stubby excels when the waves are less than perfect, and will boost every session – bagging you more waves, with more speed – no matter what the conditions.

Stubby LTD 2018

7’10” 8’3″

Fanatic-stubby-ltd-13800-1100_2018STUBBY LTD 2019

7’10”  8’3″


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