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Sup Allround Wave Starboard Blend Drive Element 2019


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Starboard Blend 2019

Tavola allround wave  disponibile nella costruzione Starlite in 3 misure:

11’2” x 30” Blend

10’5” x 31” Blend Drive

9’8” x 30” Blend Element

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Sup Starboard Blend 2018

  • Fun glide for flat-water cruising. 
  • Good stability for catching waves.
  • Exiting performance once up and riding.

11’2” x 30” Blend

178 liters. This is the ultimate board for an introduction surfing and flat-water cruising. Combines glide and maneuverability for longboard style performance in the surf.

10’5” x 31” Blend Drive  

173 liters. It has a stable shape with good glide and impressive wave riding performance. Low entry nose rocker allows for early entry into waves. The Blend Drive has a heavy tail rocker and V for improved maneuverability out of turns. The full nose allows for nose riding with a wide tail for a greater stability when stepping back on the tail.

9’8” x 30” Blend Element

146 liters. This board is the ultimate all-rounder for lightweight riders, a favorite in the saves! Shorter length maintains glide with easier maneuverability while making it lighter to carry and easier to store.

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