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Best Prices Sup Gonfiabile Starboard Astro All Star 2020 ed Offerta 2019


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Starboard All Star Airline 2020

ed Offerta Pronta Consegna All Star 12’6″ x 27 2019

Tavola Race / Allround

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All StarInflatable

“This paddle board is crazily rigid, and the Airline system IS so easy. It’s every bit as good as we hope it would be”

~ the SUP Company


It’s all about combining our technologies to offer an inflatable paddle board with the feel and speed of a hard board. Starting with our super stiff and extra light woven fusion technology, then adding a free-flowing aramid cable locking the board in shape when inflated. Introducing a standing tray to be able to use the side parts of the rails, keeping full balance when paddling hard. The release edge, nose cone, streamlined hull shape and race handles are included for your flying start. All commercial airlines welcome a Starboard Airline in their luggage program, welcome on board!

14’0″ x 28″  /  14″0” x 26″  /  14’0″ x 24″  /  12’6″ x 27″


• Cable tension adjustment point.

• 4 different positions to easily set the wanted tension and rebound feeling.


• Helps to hold a wider stance for extra stability and helps recover balance with the EVA to push against.

• Provides more control to lean on the rail to steer the board from the midpoint.

• Creates a dug out standing which makes it more versatile to paddle in choppy water as the water.

• Made with EVA so they are lightweight, soft to stand against and flexible when packing.


Creates a sharp edge for the water to release smoothly for optimal glide and speed.


•  The Airline fin box is locking the cable at the tail of the board, ensuring tighter rigging.

• The board comes with a Race 23″ net positive fin and the handy screw so it’s easy to install. 

Free Lightweight Leash

• At only 70g, the leash is incredibly light and discrete so that it doesn’t interfere when paddling.

• Soft cushioning means it will compress and flatten when stood on.

• Easy to attach to the leash ring without needing any excess rope loop like on most other leashes.

• The leash cuff is made of Yulex, a natural rubber with 80% less carbon footprint than normal neoprene.


Model 14’0” X 28” ALL STAR 14’0” X 26” ALL STAR 14’0” X 24” ALL STAR 12’6” X 27” ALL STAR
Length (imperial) 14’0″ 14’0″ 14’0″ 12’6″
Length (cm) 426.7 426.7 426.7 381.0
Width (imperial) 28″ 26″ 24″ 27″
Width (cm) 71.1 66.0 61.0 68.6
Thickness (imperial) 6” 6” 6” 6”
Thickness (cm) 15.2 15.2 15.2 15.2
Tail Width (Imperial) 17.6″ 16.2″ 15″ 16.2″
Tail Width (cm) 44.7 41.2 38.1 41.2
Volume 345 L 320 L 301 L 299 L
Rider Weight 60-115 kg 60-105 kg 50-90 kg 50-90 kg
Fin Set Up Single Single Single Single
Fins Race 23 Race 23 Race 23 Race 23
Weight 11.7 kg (Avg) 11.2 kg (Avg) 10.6 kg (Avg) 10.4 kg (Avg)



12’6″ X 27″

Length: 12’6” / 381 cm

Width: 27” / 69 cm

12’6″x27″ ALL STAR’s 27″ width has a slightly wider nose for extra pop in choppy water and wider tail for greater control and stability when buoy turning. Twin stringers on the deck combined with the Airline technology creates the fastest and smoothest glide ever.


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