Sup Gonfiabile Fanatic Ray Air Premium e Pure Light 2020


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Fanatic Ray Air 2020

Touring facile, veloce, rigido, disponibile nelle versioni:

  • Pure Light  11’6 /12’6  Drop Stitch Light (Pure) Technology
  • Premium 11’6/12’6/13’6               Double Layer Light Technology

Pagaia 25% carbon divisibile in 3 pezzi su versione Premium

Spedizioni Gratuite in Italia, Francia , Spagna, Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Lussemburgo

Contattaci per disponibilità, sconti e preventivi



Fanatic Ray Air 11’6 /12’6   e   Ray Air Premium 11’6/12’6/13’6

Ray Air  11’6″ x 31″x 6″   Vol 295 litri

Ray Air 12’6″ x 32″ x 6″  Vol 335 litri

Ray Air 13’6″x35″x 6″    Vol 400 litri

Touring, exploring and discovering is part of what makes Stand Up Paddling so fascinating. The Ray Air is the inflatable version of our Ray – a cruiser with immense glide to get you into new territories comfortably.

With similar characteristics to its solid equivalent, the Ray Air has a maximized waterline that combines both stability and glide. The two sizes of 11’6” and 12’6” are significantly faster than last years Fly Air Touring, thanks to a reduced tail width resulting in a cleaner flow of undisturbed paddle strokes. The center width of 31” and 32” make both models very easy to paddle and to keep your balance on, even if you’re a first timer. The optimized thickness of the Ray Air has improved it’s rigidity without additional air pressure, while the extra volume keeps you up and dry.

We’re offering the Ray Air in two high quality constructions; our light weight and durable Stringer Technology, which comes with additional colour rail support and a lower price point, as well as our Premium construction – the state of the art of inflatable SUP Double Layer Technology. With a reduction in weight of around 20 – 25 % when compared to a standard double layer construction – it’s significantly stiffer in comparison to the single layer iSUP – you won’t find anything better.

The Ray Air Premium comes in a new Wheely Backpack combo with easy entry zipper and all the convenient straps and compartments you need to carry your Ray Air Premium. A mastfoot insert for optional windsurfing rounds off the Premium package. The Ray Air is packed in our organized standard backpack with padded straps and all the toys and features in place.

Both models are easy to inflate with our new ergonomic Fanatic Power Pump.

Premium Boards are in DL Light: Double Layer Light Technology

Standard Boards are in DS Light: Drop Stitch Light (Pure) Technology

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