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Sup Gonfiabile Fanatic Diamond Air Touring


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Fanatic Diamond Air Touring 2020

anche in offerta Package completa di pagaia Diamond Carbon 35% e leash

La Diamond Air 2020 è progettata per tutti i livelli di appassionati di Touring e Trekking femminili; che sono alla ricerca di una tavola specifica per donne che offra grandi prestazioni

Spedizioni Gratuite in Italia, Francia , Spagna, Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Lussemburgo

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The 2020 Diamond Air is designed for all levels of female Touring and Trekking enthusiasts; who are looking for a ladies specific board that delivers great straight line performance with convenient travel & storage.

Based on the same classic sleek outline of our 11’6″ Ray Air, the Diamond touring offers exceptional glide, allowing you to effortlessly cover distance over calm waters. The generous volume and rigidity ensure a comfortable stable stance and easy paddling; while the single deck net will keep all your baggage high and dry until you reach your destination.

Built from our tough but light Drop Stitch Light technology, the Diamond Touring is easy to transport, set up and stow away until your next adventure.

Board Diamond Air Touring 11’6″ x 31″
Volume 299 l
Width 31″ / 78.7 cm
Length 11’6” / 350.5 cm
Thickness 6″ / 15 cm
Weight 8.85 kg
Fittings 1x US Box / 1x Fly 19.5 cm
Rec. User Weight Up to 90 kg
Mastfoot Insert No

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