Foil Board Sup Smik The Slug


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Vendita anche online tavole per il Sup Foil

Smik ” The Slub”

Tavola dedicata al sup ed al Wing Foil

costruzione in PVC Parabolic Carbon

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One track mind. Dedicated surf foil boards.

Thick and stubby shapes which are stable and track amazingly well for something so stumpy when on the water.

Very short lengths with limited swing weight make them ultra easy to fly and turn.

​US boxes to reduce weight and seems the way the market has gone.

​Available in four sizes:

6’3″ x 28.5″ x 107L

6’6″ x 29″ x 112L

6’10” x 29.5″ x 121L

7´4″ x 31″ x 136L

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7'4'', 6'3, 6'6", 6'10", 6'6" Demo