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Sup Gonfiabile i-99 Corsa 12’6″ 2020

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NoveNove Corsa 12’6″ 2020

Crusing e Racing

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iSUP 12’6″ CORSA


The new iSUP Corsa 12’6“ is an inflatable board specifically designed for cruising and touring.

This 2020 new model has been revised in width: thanks to its 32” (81 cm.) and its water lines it is extremely stable, very fast and pleasant during long cruising sessions.

Its constructive technology with top/bottom stringer greatly enhances the rigidity of the board by amplifying the running characteristics and top speed of the Corsa 12’6“.

The Fusion Technology construction also allows to support the overall weight of the equipment for easy transportation to and from the water.

The 12’6“ Corsa is the perfect choice for those who want to explore the coasts by grinding miles or maximising fitness.

Model Volume Length / Width Thickness Fins PSI
iSUP Corsa 12’6” 335 12’6”(381cm) x 32” ( 81cm ) 6” (15cm) US Box min 15 / max 22