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Sup Gonfiabile i-99 10’6″


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NoveNove 10’6″ 2020

Disponibile nelle versioni Primo Air, Elite, ECO e Wind

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iSUP PRIMO AIR 10’6” is the perfect example of semplicity, overall performances and immediate fun.

The iSUP Primo AIR 10’6” has been created to support our “SUP for everyone” campaign. Watersports Centres too will appreciate the durability of the double-layer technology that guarantees durability, allowing inflation to15/22 PSI for extreme rigidity.

The Primo AIR 10’6” comes with 3 integrated fins. You’ll be out there in just no time, enjoying your sup session.

Model Volume Length / Width Thickness Fins PSI
iSUP PRIMO 10’6” 228 10’6”(320cm) x 32” ( 81cm ) 4 3/4” (12cm) 3 integrated fins min 15 / max 22

iSUP 10’6″ ELITE


The iSUP 10’6” ELITE is the board for every condition on any given day. Whether it be your first lesson, catching a wave, cruising on the lake, going on an adventure or simply just pure fitness, the ease of travel and exploration will become a daily habit.

It is the perfect family board and a great way to enjoy paddling during your holidays or daily travels.

The 10’6” has an innovative inflatable paddling platform featuring extra volume and width for increased stability with a convenient bungee system for transport. She will get you anywhere you want to go!

Model Volume Length / Width Thickness Fins PSI
iSUP ELite 10’6” 228 10’6”(320cm) x 32” ( 81cm ) 4 3/4” (12cm) US Box + 2 integrated fins min 15 / max 22



Our iSUP Wind will allow you to fully appreciate the ocean not only as a pure Stand Up Paddle board, but also for windsurfing sessions during your summer beach time.

The iSup Wind 10’6” is the perfect ‘beginner to cruiser’ all round SUP inflatable board that also allows you to teach your family and friends how to windsurf, plus it performs as a classic windsurfer board to cruise around your local lakes and waters.

Our I-99 Team members and friends have chosen the iSUP Wind as the perfect choice during their summer sailing cruises.

Model Volume Length / Width Thickness Fins PSI
iSUP Wind 10’6” 315 10’6”(320cm) x 32” ( 81cm ) 6” (15cm) US Box + US Box center fin min 15 / max 18

iSUP 10’6” ECO


ISUP 10’6” ECO is the single perfect inflatable SUP for everyone, essential construction single layer tech, lightweight, easy to assemble, quick to inflate.

The 32” width offers a stable and comfortable ride, 6” inches of thickness and Hi-Tech drop-stitch construction allowing inflation 15/18 PSI for extreme rigidity.

Simple design and maximum technology, the perfect all-around board for your fun times.

Model Volume Length / Width Thickness Fins PSI
iSUP Eco 10’6” 295 10’6”(320cm) x 32” ( 81cm ) 6” (15cm) 3 Integrated min 15 / max 18

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