Foil Board Sup/ Sup Wave Naish Hover 2020


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Naish SUP Foil Hover 2020

tavola 2 in uno utilizzabile come sup wave e sup foil disponibile nei volumi da 100, 120 e 140 litri

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SUP Foilboard

Who is it for?
These boards are for paddlers who want a board they can both SUP surf and SUP foil with.

What does it do?
Hover SUPs provide incredible performance when ridden with a foil or traditional SUP surfing.

Why is it unique?
These boards are the best option to get performance characteristics of multiple boards in one.

What’s new? 
New Shapes in S-Glass Sandwich construction.

For paddlers seeking a board they can use with and without a foil, these shapes simply can’t be beat. Based on previous Hover SUP shapes, we’ve gone more compact while still keeping width and volume to maintain stability. The rocker line and bottom shapes are made to provide SUP surfing performance when ridden without a foil and come with a quad fin setup and are equipped with FCS II Eco Fin boxes.

The Hover SUP is built for flight with two reinforced 10” finboxes that allow riders to finely position their foil to create more or less lift to cover riders of different weight, water conditions and riding style.

Thanks to the new full sandwich S-Glass construction, board weight has been decreased which has significant benefits for foiling and surfing. Not sacrificing strength, these boards also have a high density foam stringer system that spread the load and power of the foil evenly throughout the board. For riders who want 2-in-1 performance there’s no better choice.

Hover SUP 100 is ideal for riders up to 190 lbs/86 kg.
Hover SUP 120 is ideal for riders up to 210 lbs/95 kg.
Hover SUP 140 is ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/104 kg.

Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Hover SUP 100 6’11″/210.8 cm 28″/71.1 cm 4 1/4″/10.8 cm 100 L
Hover SUP 120 7’4″/223.5 cm 30″/76.2 cm 4 3/4″/12.1 cm 120 L
Hover SUP 140 7’4″/223.5 cm 32″/81.3 cm 4 7/8″/12.4 cm 140 L


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140, 120, 100