Foil Board Sunova Casey Aviator

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Sunova Casey Aviator

high performance foil board utilizzabile nel  Sup surfing, Wind winging Downwinding.

disponibile nelle misure a partire da 5’10 di 84 litri  fino alla  6’10 di 145 litri

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The AVIATOR is the do it all Foil Sup.

A high performance foil board suitable for Sup surfing, Wind winging Downwinding.

James Casey’s own development is pushing our collaborative limits all the time. The goal of the Aviator was clear. To do it all with one board…

Mission achieved.

About the board



General goal | theme of the board

High performance Foil board made for a wide range of conditions and disciplines.

Wave type ||| size it’s working best

Suitable for anything, Sup surfing, Wind winging, Downwinding.

Maneuvers it does best

Everything you like to do on your performance Foil sup.

Skill level it’s best for

Beginner to pro. Just choose size according to level.

Paddle power

SPEED: Average.

DIRECTIONAL CONTROL: Lots of yaw expected in Foil sups due to the short length


WAVE CATCHING ABILITY: Good wave catching ability helped by pulled in nose pushing less water and flip in the tail help to pump onto foil on smaller waves.

What you thought of when you designed it?

The Aviator is the result of two years of many shapes tested in all sorts conditions. I wanted a board that could be used in every type of SUP foiling disciplines possible without any compromise.

What it possibly compromises on then?

If you’re a die hard wind winger and don’t do any other type of foiling you may want a much smaller size (possibly even custom) or even a pilot depending on your balance and skill.