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RRD C.O.T.A.N. Y25 ed Offerta V2 e V3


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RRD C.O.T.A.N. Y25 2020

ed Offerta:

  • V2 4’10
  • V2 5’0
  • V2 5’2 LTD
  • V3 5’2 LTE

monodirezionale compatto a linee parallele di ultima generazione, con una lunghezza ridotta rispetto ai tradizionali surf shape

Causa Covid i termini delle offerta sono cambiati , contattateci per i prezzi

Spedizioni in tutta Italia, Francia , Spagna, Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Lussemburgo.

Contattaci per disponibilità, sconti e preventivi.




The C.O.T.A.N. shape will allow you to feel exceptionally free and fast in everything you do, whether you are hitting medium size waves or having fun with freestyle tricks, the compact shape of the C.O.T.A.N. is perfect to lead you through your freestyle strapless progression. Since last year the tail shape it’s been redesigned with wingers and rounded fishtail ends, allowing more aggressive turns at high speeds, when riding waves, or when pushing to get the maximum pop.


  • Winger round fishtail, offering precise control, radical turning, and increased pop
  • Deep concave throughout the whole board with a flat tail released by a progressive rocker with tail kick
  • Thin rails from nose to tail, super thin profile throughout
CLASSIC 5’0” x 17 ½” x 2” 20 LTS 25COT50
CLASSIC 5’2” x 18” x 2” 22 LTS 25COT52
CLASSIC 5’4” x 18 ½” x 2⅛” 24 LTS 25COT54
LTE 5’2” x 18” x 2” 22 LTS 25COT52LTE


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V2 Wood, V2 LTD, V2 Classic, V3 LTE, Y25 Classic, Y25 LTE