Pad RSPro HexaTraction Front Foot Board Grip & Traction


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RSPRO HexaTraction Board Grip

rivoluzionario grip per le vostre tavole, traparente, facile da installare, sottile, senza assorbimento di acqua, impermeabilizzante

Spedizioni in tutta Italia


Un Kit (box) è composto da 18 esagoni pieni e 4 mezzi esagoni di 16 centimetri
e da un modello preformato per rendere l’installazione ancora più semplice


Surf shortboard :1 Kit

Funboards e Longboards : 2 kit consigliati 

 Hexa traction RSPRO per short e Funboards

SUP nose : 1 Kit    

SUP completo : 2-3 kit consigliati

Hexa traction RSPRO per sup nose

  • Temperature independent grip & traction.
  • Light, thin, and doesn’t absorb water.
  • No melting, no hassle, no residues, no contamination.
  • Super-easy to install modular configuration.
  • Clear, translucent, so it doesn’t cover your board graphics.
  • UV protection and waterproofing for your board deck.
  • Automotive, RSPro® quality.
  • Non-Aggressive to your skin.
  • Design&manufacturing in Barcelona.







TIPS for a perfect fit:

  1. Don’t install it on a cold environment. We recommend to install it at room temperature. Below 20ºC (68F) the material and glue tend to get rigid, so it would make the installation more difficult.
  2. Throughly clean the area with alcohol or similar. Make sure no rest of wax is present. Avoid industrial cleaners.
  3. Before starting, layout the HexaTraction hexagons choosing the best pattern to cover the area where you need grip and traction.
  4. PRO TIP: Peel exactly half of the adhesive backing of the first HexaTraction hexagon, so it will be super easy to align with the board center line.
  5. Pour plenty of water. Plenty!!. It will help on having no air bubbles.
  6. Stick half of the hexagon making sure to remove all air and water out by rubbing with your fingers and/or cloth. Remove the other half of the backing and squeeze all the air and water out.
  7. PRO TIP: Squeeze from the center to the edges or from one side to the opposite so all air and water gets out.
  8. Using the HexaTraction black star as a template, progress through the deck one hexagon at a time.
  9. PRO TIP: Align by the side of the hexagon with the adhesive backing on.
  10. Complete the layout using the half hexagons if needed.
  11. You’re done. Review all hexagons, making sure all the water is out, let it dry (not on the sun) and let it cure for some hours before heading to the water.

HexaTraction RSPro® board grip&traction uses a strong adhesive. If you need to remove it, we advice to use a hair dryer or heatgun to apply some gentle heat so the adhesive softens, and removal is easier. Specially if your board is painted or coated.