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North Kiteboarding Prime TT

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Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable in all conditions, the Prime allows you to progress faster. A sweet performer in all wind and water conditions, it tracks upwind smoothly, slicing splash-free through the chop. Jump and boost in full control, with forgiving landings thanks to the softer flex. Ride in tune with nature, in tune with yourself

Balanced: Balanced rocker, outline and flex for excellent upwind tracking.

Pulled in flexible tips: To slice through chop for a splash-free ride.

Stay in control: The rounded outline is easier to edge and break out the kite.

Well-balanced softer flex: For a comfortable ride and forgiving landings in all conditions, perfect for progressing tricks and jumps.

Progressive single concave: With flatter middle section allows faster early planing.

Optimum visibility: For performance and safety. Composite Sandwich Construction finished with high-vis colours.

Durable ABS rails: For long-lasting performance.

User-friendly edges: Smoothed to help protect your skin from accidental scrapes and bruises.

Integrated grab rail: To grip for board-offs.

Ergonomic handle: Lightweight and ergonomic TPE material with ultimate grip when wet.

Standardised SS316 M6x16 screws: All TwinTip board hardware enables use of the same PH3 screwdriver for assembly and makes replacement of parts super easy.


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