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Foil Board Nobile Infinity Split 2020


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Nobile Infinity Split Foil 2020

Tavola monodirezionale divisibile utilizzabile per il wave, surf, e foil

Spedizioni gratuite in tutta Italia

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WHY Infinity Split 2020:

Redesigned, improved, lighter, stiffer, tougher, and yet still retaining the magic
qualities that everyone loves about this high-performance wave board! The
Nobile Split Connection (NSC) system allows for ease of transport, with the board
folding and fitting into luggage at less than 95cm long, making journeys by car,
train or plane altogether easier (and often cheaper). The NSC also allows for
easy connecting and disconnecting of the board, with some of the original build
elements replaced by a highly durable composite. The EVA foam deck ensures a
thoroughly comfortable ride and precise positioning of the feet, while the Hybrid
Concave improves manoeuvrability and carving traction. Designed by Nobile for
optimum fun in the waves!

WHY Infinity Carbon Split 2020:

For those who take their wave-riding seriously, the Infinity Carbon Split is the
only board you’ll need… Comprehensively redesigned for a better distribution of
force and increased comfort levels, the Infinity Carbon Split is also lighter and
more bomb-proof than ever before, enhanced from the standard Infinity Split
by way of a carbon fabric layup that improves the board’s torsional stiffness,
while also reducing weight. Using a Hybrid Concave shape, the Infinity Split
is highly manoeuvrable and enjoys excellent carving abilities, while the deck is
covered with a layer of EVA foam, allowing for enhanced comfort and precise
foot positioning. The Infinity Carbon Split uses our Nobile Split Connection (NSC)
system for ultra-precise connecting and disconnecting, with some elements now
replaced with a durable composite material, making it stronger than ever before.
Folding down to less than 95cm long, this is a board that is luggage-friendly, and
will see you speeding through the airports in no time!


STYLE: Foil, wave&surf, split

SIZE: 5’2”

SET: Board + FCS fins 4’7 set + 3x wave straps + splitcover

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